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Culture, Society and Next Economy

Growing the Next Economy are new organizations that operate with a distinctive ‘DNA’ from that of the current economy and for that DNA to propagate seems to imply a transformation of the DNA of human culture and human settlement.  These are big concepts and ideas and this article will attempt to provide some additional context and some examples that point towards the vision of both a transformed economy and, in …Read More

LIFT Next Economy Leaders Interview Series: Caleb Zigas, La Cocina

LIFT partners interview next economy leaders to report from the cutting edge of resilient economic development on trends, new initiatives, best practices and what we all can do to help. “..It doesn’t really matter how delicious her food is, if she can’t also manage employees, manage costs, find real estate, access capital and do those other things[to run the business]. It’s not exciting to tell someone your dream has to be …Read More

Shades of Sustainability: Social Enterprises and the Next Economy

By Christopher McGuire As public interest in ethical, environmentally sound consumption and production has grown, the marketplace for sustainability has become increasingly complex. With a plethora of “green” and “sustainable” products available to us, what criteria should we use to make our decisions? Where should we look to acquire the goods, materials and services we need? As always, the first step lies in clearly defining our terms and goals. Let’s …Read More

Cooperation, Knowledge, and the Next Economy

During a recent discussion at Occupy U, some questions were raised that seem relevant to nurturing the next economy. The discussion was about worker cooperatives. The questions touched on the size of the coops and the level of education required to be part of a coop. At least in the U.S., worker coops are small, certainly compared to the large scale corporations that dominate our lives (an alternative is emerging …Read More

Upcoming Business Design Workshop! Friday, September 28

As an emerging leader in the Next Economy, you are invited to join LIFT Business Coaching and fellow individuals and businesses in an engaging introductory training to LIFT’s 6-point business design methodology (think of it as an actionable, dynamic business plan). This four hour workshop will guide you through this framework with personalized assistance to help you: Craft your company’s vision with specific, measurable goals Design and foster a culture …Read More

San Francisco Landscapes

Through my LIFT internship, I connected to San Francisco Landscapes because I want to learn how to grow my own food – and SF Landscapes has an internship program. While preparing a bed at Tocoloma Micro Farm, Casey Allen and I chatted a bit about his company. Casey co-founded SF Landscapes with Brett Stephens to be able to offer their permaculture-infused landscaping work to San Franciscans while being able to …Read More

Permaculture and the Next Economy

Those of you who know the members of LIFT know that most of us have an affiliation with Permaculture. So how is Permaculture related to the Next Economy? Permaculture is a set of design strategies to help create closed-loop, self-sustaining systems that take cues from both nature and indigenous ways. One of the main methods is to orchestrate an interconnected web of elements (or organisms) that support, strengthen and cooperate …Read More