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Culture, Society and Next Economy

Growing the Next Economy are new organizations that operate with a distinctive ‘DNA’ from that of the current economy and for that DNA to propagate seems to imply a transformation of the DNA of human culture and human settlement.  These are big concepts and ideas and this article will attempt to provide some additional context and some examples that point towards the vision of both a transformed economy and, in …Read More

What Does the 100% Want?

The recent Occupations of our affluent world urban centers has helped call more attention to the systems that seem to shape our behaviors and habits in ways that harm all life and create tragic symptoms of hunger, thirst, poverty, species extinction, climate instability and war.  And they inspire me to wonder about how we might transform the consciousness that allows these systems to perpetuate these terrible symptoms.  One strategy we …Read More

Next Economy – Localized Economy

Localize it!  Don’t criticize it. Local investment and local patronage in locally owned businesses that source from local supply chains have proven through numerous studies to be beneficial to both people and place.  In this case we are defining localization more in the sense of decentralization and diversification than protection and isolation.  

Next Economy = Local Economy

In this blog we will share a number of inspiring stories of localization.  Perhaps one of the most showcase examples of designing a local business ecosystem is the Evergreen Cooperatives effort in Cleveland Ohio.  We especially appreciate the approach – assessing and leveraging local assets to develop local, worker-owned enterprises that can serve the needs of the region and each other.

Next Economy – Blue Economy?

The principles and the resultant business models of Gunter Pauli’s “Blue Economy” share elements of what we see in the Next Economy.  Certainly the emphasis on innovation, biomemetic approach to production of goods, stacking functions, local supply chains, efficiency and no waste.  We are excited to see the principle that nature “responds to basic needs first” and then “evolves from sufficiency to abundance” showcased in the business model examples showcased …Read More