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The Next Economy


The Next Economy is not some great green vision set out in the future, with flying buses and food delivered by hologram; the Next Economy is now. It is made of whole systems designers building companies to enhance all life. It is an increasing number of individuals and organizations focused on providing the key necessities for simple comfortable human lives and making these standard for everyone. The goal of these individuals may vary, but across the board they are in service to life, life enhancing, and their inspiration comes from clean food and water, fresh air, vibrant community and culture, and meaningful, challenging work. These companies are living their vision now, and running their companies according to these principles, analyzing the life cycle of each decision and its impact for generations, creating a lifestyle that is rewarding and inspiring on a daily basis.

They practice democracy daily at work, not just once a year. They balance their work lives with serious play, self-expression and service. Their culture is of equal importance to their financial health. They invest in their local economy and communities first. They are innovators and delight in new systems-open source, permaculture and cradle-to-cradle-that stack functions and produce multiple yields. There is no lack of opportunity for improvement so let’s all join in and get to work making our solutions available to everyone!

Human enterprises will be designed in service to all human needs while benefiting the earth and all life. The goal of doing business in the next economy is to be of service to life while doing what you love – finding “work” so full of joy and purpose you cannot really call it work.