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sb headshotShawn Berry - Linked InShawn Berry   is an organizational strategist inspired to harness the power of business to create a resilient local economy as a model to be open sourced and scaled globally. Shawn first founded the Woodshanti Cooperative in 1997, then joined in the leadership of the Ananda Dhiira Eco Retreat Center in 1999, and founded the Urban Alliance for Sustainability in 2000. In 2010 he launched LIFT with longtime collaborator Kevin Bayuk, in order to help more amazing enterprises that are all doing some part of making the world a better place.

Shawn is especially gifted at assessing and addressing gaps in the ways in which we organize our businesses and our lives. He has remarkable skills in being able to stay present in the often chaotic environment of leading a business, as he helps clients craft and adapt frameworks and models to enable them to be more efficient and effective. Shawn’s experience with working in democratic, multi-stakeholder work environments enables him to offer invaluable counseling in organizing business structures and communicating effectively with partners, employees and board members.

kb headshotKevin Bayuk's Linked InKevin Bayuk’s roots are in entrepreneurship, having spent nearly a decade starting and growing technology companies, and activating projects and organizations that regenerate healthy ecosystems and socially just and joyful environments. After immersing himself in all aspects of starting and growing companies, Kevin focused his attention on learning about and teaching eco-systemic design. Now Kevin is merging his experience in business with his experience in permaculture to help businesses care for people while enhancing the earth.

Kevin has raised millions of dollars to capitalize business operations, led teams of more than 30 employees, and can speak well to the benefits and pitfalls of raising capital and the many paths of growing a business. He loves spreadsheets and loves to dig into operating models. One investor of Kevin’s last technology company said, “Kevin oozes strategy.”

Intern Cohort

Seasonally, LIFT engages with an intern cohort to extend our capacity and explore, more deeply, the Next Economy and its opportunities and trends.

Our current intern cohort:


George Groh’s background is in evolutionary biology, and he approaches the challenges of the modern economy from a scientific standpoint. A San Francisco native, George returned to the Bay Area after studying at the University of Chicago, and has worked for the California Department of Fish and Game, served as copy-editor for several websites, and designed and founded a local community garden. The questions George likes to think about involve how institutions large and small will adapt to the changing nature of our planet. George is inspired to help businesses attain solutions that allow natural and human systems to interact, sustain each other, and thrive.